One night in November we were talking about things you talk about sometimes; about different kinds of trans activism, about the history, about a wish for knowledge exchange between generations of trans activists, about the fact that we don’t know that much. We talked about a wish for testimonies about and documentation of trans activism, about learning from the history that hasn’t been told and that doesn’t reach us, about a wish for a broader perspective of what trans activism is and should be, about a wish for a broader representation of trans activist stories, about longing to have the trans activist history in Sweden gathered and available to us all. From this, an idea took shape of how to make this a reality, and that is what you have in front of you right now. We hereby invite you to be a part of a collective process where we write trans activist history together!



  1. Write your stories about trans activism! What have you done together with others or by yourself? Was it a specific event or a longer period of time? What was it about? How did you do it? When? What kind of reactions did it get? What did you feel? What did you learn? Why was it trans activism for you? You decide what you want to share with us and you don’t have to answer the questions we’ve written here, they are just a support. The things we do want you to write is WHERE and WHEN it happened. You write as long or as short you want, we’d rather have anything than nothing. You can also be a group of people who write it together!
  2. Send an e-mail with your stories to Include if you would like to be anonymous or publish your full name or part of it with your story.
  3. We will publish your text here at
  4. Others will be able to read your stories!

( will be updated with your stories on a regular basis. There is no time limit for you to send us your stories, but the sooner the better.)


Next to the written stories you send to us, we also wish to speak to you. Our idea is therefore to cover different parts of our common trans activist history and meet some of you for further discussions about your trans activism. These meetings will be presented to everyone in some form and our hope is to be able to show a long and broad history of trans activism in Sweden. More information about this will come further on in the process.


//El and Mio


  • Trans is a relatively new word, and our portrayal of trans activist history will hopefully reach further back in time than the use of this word. We’ve chosen to use this word anyway. With trans we mean: “A person who does not identify with the sex assigned to them at birth. Transgender is an umbrella term with several different identities, as there are many different ways of being transgender. The term specifically refers to gender identity and gender expression, and has nothing to do with a person’s sexual orientation.” (Source: RFSL’s glossary.
  • We don’t have a definition of what trans activism is. It is up to you to decide when it comes to your own stories.
  • We may not publish everything that is sent to us.
  • We may publish only parts of what is sent to us, but only if the writer approves.
  • If your story contains something illegal, please think about what information you’re sharing (for your own sake and others involved).
  • This is going to be amazing!